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Learn about natural horsemanship with Jane Bury

Life coaching

Change your thinking-Change your life with Duncan Bury

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Come for a weekend break. Feed Alpacas, Walk dogs, Work on a small holding and chill out.

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Latest Event
Australian Horsemanship and Cowboy Dressage

Ken Faulkner 6th 7th and 8th July 2016
Call 07737691482 to book your place as a RIDER and get more information. Or pay online now

Whilst you are staying in the creaky farmhouse accommodation you can indulge yourself and do nothing or sample the following


Jane has been riding horses since, well, forever. She has done Dressage, Show-jumping, Classical Riding and Natural Horsemanship. If you are looking to experience horses then she is the one to speak to. Whether you know diddley squat about horses, you once saw a horse in a field, you would love to own a horse, or you have a horse that owns you more that you own it, come to Friarshawmuir for an equine experience. Frankly Duncan would welcome someone to listen to Jane. His ears are sore.


Duncan has been coaching people all his life. From forklift truck drivers to prize winning geneticists. He has literally changed peoples lives for the better. If you want to explore what is possible and what you can achieve spend some time with him to discover your life.


Find out why people rave about the countryside. Come and explore. See the flora and fauna of the Scottish Borders.


Eat with us. Eat without us. But don't eat us. Explore the food we are growing at Friarshawmuir and help us cultivate it. Yes we exploit your muscles but you will have a good time.


Learn to handle Alpacas. Learn about permaculture. Learn to make your own herbal preparations. Photograph the night sky. Get up early and photograph deer. Spot the Kestrel. Spot the owls.

Getting handy

If you have a project in mind and you need help, or you need to learn how to use a variety of tools then come and bish bash bosh at Friarshawmuir. You will be guided, aided and abetted to become comfortable with basic skills.

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